students lined up smiling

Fifth-grade students at Judson Fundamental Magnet were crowned winners at the inaugural Battle of the Books. This competition was one of many new events hosted during the return of the ArtBreak Festival following two years that were interrupted by COVID-19 restrictions. Below are the participants on the team:

  • Mahogany Murray
  • Trinity Dean
  • Sha’khiala Hill
  • Raleigh Harrison
  • Shawna Boston
  • Kyndal Mosley
  • Librarian, Stephanie Giddens

Invited fifth-grade readers could dive into the Louisiana Young Reader’s Choice (LYRC) nominated books for the reading competition. Teams of five to six students committed to reading 10 books collectively, including seven chapter books and three picture books. Students were allowed to strategize by reading all books each or dividing the work amongst the group. The schools involved first held their own competitions on campus and then students advanced to the district round to compete with others during ArtBreak.

Eleven schools sent book battlers to show off their skills with short essay-style questions and a multiple-choice test. Students also created their own bonus round to help with tiebreakers.

 Congratulations to all schools that prepared and participated:

  1. Creswell, Librarian: Erin Berry
  2. Fairfield Magnet, Librarian: Jennifer Powers
  3. Judson Fundamental Magnet, Librarian: Stephanie Giddens
  4. Keithville School, Librarian: Bridget Hall
  5. Pine Grove, Librarian: Linda Terrell
  6. Riverside, Librarian: Katie Crawford
  7. Shreve Island, Librarian: Holly Bryant
  8. South Highlands Magnet, Librarian: Sheridan Shamburg
  9. University, Librarian: Amy Fullilove
  10. Walnut Hill, Librarian: Rachel Awagu
  11. Westwood, Librarian: Amanda Racine
  12. J.S. Clark, Librarian: Contessa Taylor

Judson received a complete set of books from the 2022-2023 LYRC sixth through eighth-grade nomination list and the Chalice of Champions book series.